November 7 2019

So … you have a lot to answer for  Mssr’s Graham ,McConnell, Pence, Pompeo, Jordan, Meadows, Barr et al . All to a man have become sad and confused caricatures, evil shadows of what should be .  It seems to me that the worm has turned , and you went and woke the tiger . Yes I know, I know,  the tiger should have been up and at em  10 scandals ago . Seems the tiger kept hitting the snooze and getting just a few more Z’s. But now he is up, well rested ,raring to go and hungry as hell…..One way or the other we are slowly approaching the end of this dark time, how we deal with it will decide our path forward . Do we ,as we have for 240 years peacefully transfer power , do we harken back to more innocent times when the outgoing party would perhaps glue some White House staffer’s desk drawer shut or nick the batteries from every mouse in the West Wing or will we be forced to emulate many of our fellow citizens of the world and fill the streets to shout a full throated  ENOUGH into the haze of tear gas and the whistle of rubber bullets . This feeling of unease , of fear , the jaw dropping soul shattering possibility that a battle in the streets could happen here is the gravest sin these dangerous and foolish old white men have committed in our name. So shame on you , you destroyers of truth , you purveyors of hate, you oath breakers .  

    Go ahead and blame these old fools if it works for you as it sometimes does for me  . But in the now infamous words of a man whose resemblence to that gestapo fella in Raiders of the Lost Ark is very concerning , “get over it”. For the trouble with blame is there is always plenty to go around , with all due respect go and   look in the mirror ,we only have ourselves to blame . As Benny F said “ you have a Republic …..if you can hold it ” how do we hold it ? We VOTE !