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All of The Hard Days Are Gone

Kevin McKrell © 1997


G                D                 G    G7

All of the hard days are gone

        C                                   G

It’s all beer and whisky and songs from now on

D                                Em

Laugh at the darkness,dance until dawn

C               D                    G                 

All of the hard days are gone.


We are all safe and warm here my friends 

The bad times are over they won’t come again

So rise up your voices and give us a song 

All of the hard days are gone.


Life has been cloudy and gray 

Take the bad memories and put them away

The sun has come out we have waited so long 

All of the Hard days are gone.


So raise up your glasses and sing

The hard time are gone

sure they don’t mean a thing

If you want to be happy 

I’ll take you along

All of the hard days are gone.

All Of The Hard Days Are Gone - Kevin McKrell
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Dublin Town

Kevin McKrell © 2018

Dm                 F                    C                       G

Dublin Town, Dublin Town lights come up ,sun goes down.

Dm                               F                                         G                          Dm

Shadows are dancing round and round with all the lights of Dublin town

Dm                F                  C                              G

Dublin Town Dublin Town my head is spinning round and round.

Dm                    F                            G                                  Dm

Staggering up, staggering down through the lights of Dublin town


Dm                   F                          G                      Dm

All the lights of Dublin town they sparkle like the stars.

                          F                 G                     Am

Reflecting off the Liffey as I wonder where you are.

DM                               F                G

My only friend’s  are whiskey, this beat up old guitar.

Dm                     F                          G                    Dm

And the lights of Dublin town that sparkle like the stars


All the lights of Dublin Town they shimmer gold and blue

I wander up by Christ Church,my only thoughts are of you.

On Grafton street a busker draws me from my solitude    

As the lights of Dublin town they shimmer gold and blue.


All the lights of Dublin town tell me to go home.

Not to seek my fortune across the broad Atlantic foam.

But to find some peace in the arms of the only love I’ve known.

As the lights of Dublin town tell me to go home.

Dublin Town - Kevin McKrell
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The Valentine Card 

K. McKrell © 2019

D                                                                        G

I bought you a Valentine card down at the local Five and Dime

      D                                                               A

A picture of a big red heart and a goofy old nursery rhyme.

               D                                          G

Now there is no way this Hallmark will ever do. 

                D                                    A                                        D

Gonna jot a few things down, lick a stamp , send my thoughts to you.


Gonna kiss your cheek soft as a feather from a hummingbird.

Your whispered words are the sweetest sounds I have ever heard.

Throw a coin in a fountain, close my eyes and wish my dreams come true.

That I will always and forever be with you.


The clock on the wall ticks by in three quarter time.

Sometimes I get a downright weary and a lonesome mind.

My heart took my brain and gave that boy a talking to,

then my brain and my heart went ahead  and wrote these words to you.


Sure as the sun comes up,sure as the moon goes down

Sure as this big old crazy world goes spinning round and round

Sure as roses , violets are blue ,I will always and forever be with you.




K.McKrell © 2019


G                        BM

I feel the winter coming on, 

   C                            G

The skies more grey than blue 


That  winter sun ,it leaves me cold,  

      C                       D           

it makes me long for you. 

    C                            D

I feel that wind blow through my bones 

EM                           C

I’m miles and miles away from home 

G                       D

Here comes another winter night alone 

C                        D            G

That makes me long for you.



        C               D            EM

But tonight  I feel that home 

      C       D        EM

Is  just a story told 

  C                       D

A once upon a memory, 


A place that lives in used to be. 

C                              D

Was it really there ,now do I see 

         C           D             G

That place I once called home. 


It came upon a midnight clear 

The winter stars they dance, 

Reach out and touch those shiny lights 

Those diamonds in your hands. 

You told me once that I could sail 

from star to shining star. 

No matter how far, away I  roam. 

I would call and there you are. 


Now that I am years away from 

anything called home, 

Memories still fill the air 

of the places I have known 

Those memories are with me now 

as much as old age will allow .

Thoughts of you still bring a smile 

to this sad and lonely clown. 

Love In The Nick Of Time

K.McKrell © 2019


G                                   BM

It seemed to me that from the start ,

C                                 G

it would go bad in the end.


With better days and simple ways

           C                            D

Out of Reach and around the bend.

   C                                                D

Then you came along , you changed my song,

                         EM                            A

 you took the heartache from my rhyme.


You changed my tune and none too soon,

               D                         G

it was love in the nick of time.



             C                            G

All my contradictions, all my many fictions.


I wish  my songs would always make you smile.

         G                                           C                   A

That sign ahead does say, to happiness this way. 

                               D                        G

So take my hand, walk with me awhile.


You fill my soul with dreams  untold,

you fill my heart up to the brim.

I thank the lucky stars  above 

for the day that  you let me in.

In yonder days, down the road a ways, 

when we are past our prime.

We will recall those days and the many ways,  

It was love in the nick of time.

You and Me

K.McKrell © 2019

 G                                                                         C

He's laying in the dark like an old dawg worrying   old memories

    G                                                                  D

Gnawing old bones, losing sleep on used to be.

                             G                                                                 C

She says  ya can’t change the past  boy  the future's a beautiful  mystery

                        G                                D

So take a walk with me down by the river…..



You and Me


Bluebirds singing on a window sill


got  us some time to kill 


we don't leave now we never will


you and me 


two fish on the same old hook


two lovers from a picture book


One look was all it took…..


She's searching for a rainbows on a cloudy day.

With a smile gonna light the world gonna chase the clouds away.

Most times this Goddamn  world’s got  nothing nice to say

But she  loves it anyway,  Cause her momma made  her that way….



 You and me gonna wander down this road aways

Find ourselves a spot our own lovers hidaway

Come on boy get a move on ,we ain’t got all day

I will take the time to say ,everythings gonna be OK.

A Simple Thing

K.McKrell © 2018


There goes Mac and Suzy

Taking their last walk down by the sea

Closing the house for the season

the summer one more memory.

40 years they've been walking together ,

since that fine faithful day of I do

As  life of one thing and another flew by, 

the way that  life  often will do.


Love can be a simple thing 

it can make you sing,

It can make you dance.

Sometimes love can make you blue,

cause it was made for two.

I will always love you.


They both knew as they walked by the seashore 

A secret neither would say.

They both knew that  Mac was  losing a step, 

that he was slowly drifting away.

Putting the car  keys away in the spoon drawer,

leaving the stove on after making her tea.

Suzy knew someday Mac would wake with a stranger 

someone that  she never wanted to be.


Some nights after a bit to much vino 

Suzy  would remember her dreams 

To Mac she would say

The Avenue des Champs-Élysées 

Is where I have always wanted to be

To wander  8th Arrondissement

Oh Mac to waltz  by the Seine

We would would waltz like there would be no tomorrow 

then tomorrow we  would do it again.


On a day she will always remember with tears

Mac finally drifted away.

That gleam in his eye that last long goodbye

blow out the candle there was no more to say .

Later that year of tear after tear

as  she finally put him away.

with his gold wedding band

In a recognizable hand was a note that

said to my Suzy my dear.

With that note was a ticket to Paris,  a ticket one way no return

It read please waltz with me on the Champs-Élysées

Thank you my Suzy  my dear.



K.McKrell © 1998 



C                          D                G

I wish that I was home in Donegal

     C                     D

To be with you beside the sea 

  EM                                   C

To hear your sweet voice calling me.

   G                D            G

Back to my home in Donegal



G                            AM             D

He walks upon the streets of New Orleans

         G                               AM

There is a strange and unfamilair look 

    C                     D

to every face he sees.

    C                           D

He came here for the money,

     G                               C  EM   AM  

 the adventure and the craic

    G                    AM

Now all he ever thinks about 

            D                G

is someday going back. 




He misses all his family and friends 

there are time that he would give all he has 

just to be with them again

Before the young ones move away 

and the old ones are all gone

Before his heart can realize 

he has been away to long. 




Sometimes he lays there 

dreaming In the night.

That he’ll get a job of extra work.

He’ll save the money for the flight.

But lonely dreams in darkiness 

disappear before the dawn. 

Familiar faces fade away ,

all the dreams are gone.

Donegal - Kevin McKrell
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Better Days 

K.McKrell © 1998



   G                  C      G        D

It was a long cold hard night,

                  Em                      D

it will be a hard and a colder day

   G           C             G              D

Maybe tonight the stars will come out ,

              Em                      D

and the sun will be on it’s way

                  C                  D                     GCGDEmD

Then I will sing to you tonight of better days.


G                          C

The trees are all bear 

    G                   D

the colors long gone

        C                 D

The sky forever gray

          G           C              G               D

That magical glow of November’s first snow

         C                           D

Has long since passed away.

    G              C          G           D

You tell me no youve just gotta go

          C                   D

While I beg you to stay.



It was a long cold hard night,

it will be a hard and a colder day

Maybe tonight the stars will come out ,

and the sun will be on it’s way

Then I will sing to you tonight of better days.

  Em                     D

Hope for better days she 

   Em                   D

prays for better days 


saying I know that I need you 


I want to believe you

              C                                      D

Please don’t make me leave you this way


For Better Days.


 Look to the west where the sun would have set 

Had the skies not been so gray

Look to the east as the dawn slowly creeps

There is hope with each brand new day

I want you to know, 

that I love you so please don’t go away


Better Days - The McKrells
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I Miss the Rain




C                         F           G

You can bet tonight it’s raining in Dublin

       F              C                  G

In the morning it will be pretty much the same

   C         G              F                 Am

5 thousand  miles away I miss you more and more each day

      F                 G             C

The strangest thing is how I miss the rain.


        F               G             C 

It was coming down in buckets when I met you

        F               C              G

It was cold and grey the day we said goodbye

C                G        F    Am

now here I am in Phoenix Arizona

          F               C           G

and theres not a goddamn cloud up in the sky



 I knew I’d miss your loving arms around me 

from the moment that I stepped onto that plane

I knew I would miss your eyes 

what I did not realize is just how much

I would miss the rain.


They say it hasn’t rained here since the winter

Everyday that sun it burns into my brain

Who do I have to fight to get one cold and rainy night

Well bring it on cause Christ I need some rain.

I Miss the Rain - Kevin McKrell
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I’m Still Missing You.

Kevin McKrell © 2015


G             D         C                 D                Em

I’m still missing you,I know it’s been a long time,


The leaves are on the ground


there’s another winter coming round 

    C             D           G

and I’m still missing you.

                      D           C

Do you still think of me

     D                              Em

Am  I still part of your fond memories


or am I gone without a trace


 a face easy to erase 

   C             D            G

leaving me missing you.


  D                           Em

I still miss those blue eyes


I miss that funny way you stand


I miss the way you held my hand

Em      C              D

I still miss those blue eyes,


what can I do, you’re gone it’s true.

                              GDCD G

 I’m still missing you.


Well if I saw you today 

would you still give me a hard time,

Or would you simply walk away 

not give me the time of day 

Leaving me missing you.


I try not to live in the past   

I’ll go out to have a good time,

every pretty face I see 

looks just like you to me

And leaves me missing you.

I'm Still Missin' You - Kevin McKrell
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Mr Monroe

  1. McKrell © 2017



I got a rock come on I’m ready to roll


I got an eagle in my pocket burning a hole


A fine lady on my arm ,name of Mary Ann.


We are going out dancin’ to a bluegrass band


 Got the banjo the fiddle the mandolin


 Put em all together, pick it again


Whoa oh Mr Monroe

                            D                 A

Whoa Whoa Whoa  ho hey Mr Monroe


Ya took the banjo the fiddle the mandolin

         D                  A

Put em all together pick it again


Down where the grass and the moon is blue

There’s a mighty storm blowin’ in out of the hills

Got the high high lonesome gonna  break your heart

Enough power in the back beat  to jump start your car

Hey hey Daddy what’s all that noise,Look yonder Mother

It’s the Blue Grass Boys,

Blue Moon of Kentucky keep on shining, 

shine on the one that’s gone and left me blue  ( Bill Monroe 1946 )


We got Mother Maybelle the Stanley’s Carter and Ralph,

We got Jim ,Jesse,  we got Allsion Krause,

The Whites and Ricky Skaggs are singing songs of praise

You could fill the Grand Ole Oprey with the souls they saved

There’s Jimmy Martin in that feathered cowboy hat

Hey hey Jimmy Martin what’s up with that?


We got the Gibson brothers,  we got Smoky Green

Sonny Osborne, Don Reno, the Seldom Scene

Third Tyme Out those boys know where it’s at

If I picked Grass I’d pick it like that.

Frank Wakefield, Tony Rice and all them Nashville Cats

Earl Scruggs and on that guitar it’s Lester Flatts.


Mr. Monroe - Kevin McKrell
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