The Valentine Card 

K. McKrell © 2020 BMI

I bought you a valentine card down at the local five-and-dime

With a picture of a big red heart and a goofy old nursery rhyme.

There is no way this hallmark will ever do. 

So I’m gonna jot a few things down, 

lick a stamp and send my thoughts to you.



Gonna kiss your cheek soft as a feather from a hummingbird.

Your whispered words are the sweetest sounds I have ever heard.

Throw a coin in a fountain, close my eyes and wish my dreams come true

That I will always and forever be with you.


The clock on the wall ticks by in three quarter time.

Sometimes I get a downright weary and a lonesome mind.

My heart took my brain and gave that boy a talking to,

then my brain and my heart went ahead,  

and wrote these words to you.




Sure as the sun comes up, sure as the moon goes down.

Sure as this big old crazy world goes spinning round and round.

Sure as roses, violets are blue, I will always and forever be with you.

I wrote this tune using the song ‘You Are My Sunshine ‘ as part of the chorus. The origins of ‘You Are My Sunshine’ are murky at best, some say Jimmie Rodgers and Charles Mitchell, others say Oliver Hood while others Paul Rice . Whoever  wrote 'You Are My Sunshine ' it is a great song and I use some it here.




You were in my dreams last night 

Just as plain as day.

Giving me that look you give me 

When I am far away.

You reached out your hand 

To touch my brow,

Oh please God 

Don’ t you wake me now.

If dreams are  real I know somehow

I will sleep my life away.



You are the gentle breeze that whispers through the pines.

You are that song that is always,always on my  mind .

You are my sunshine, when sky's are grey.

Don’t you ever take my sunshine, my sunshine  away.


I have your face inside my head no matter what I do

When people ask me what’s on my mind

I always tell em you.

That way you’re with me all the time

Mine is yours and yours is mine

Our laundry list is dryin’on the line

Cause  we got things to do.




You are my sunshine my only sunshine

You make me happy when skies are gray

You’ll never know dear how much I love you

Please don’t take my sunshine away.

I Can Breath Again

K.McKrell © 2020 BMI


These four walls, the floor and the ceiling

closing in on me like a freight train screaming

Speeding down the tracks 

It’s a coming right for me.

no where to hide 

no way to break free. 


Oh the Nights are so long 

I just cant sleep. 

I pray to the lord my soul to keep.

The dark and the quiet 

were once my friends.

Now I know I’ll never ever ever sleep again. 

I close my eyes 

count to ten.

I see your face and then, 

I can breath again.

Yes I close my eyes 

I count to ten.

I see your face and then, 

I can breath again.

This world has a knack for making things crazy

make me sad, cry like a baby.

Tomorrow just ain't what it used to be

There is way out that I can see.

I’m out here on a limb at the edge of tears.

As all our dreams they disappear.

We use to to sit at God’s right hand. 

Now there’s darkness upon the land. 


The world we knew has come and gone.

Still everyday we soldier on.

The masks we all wear don’t hide our fear.

We have drawn a line and that line is here.

Boat Named Love and Happiness

K.McKrell ©2020 BMI


I see you when I close my eyes 

when I lay me down to sleep.

I see you in the morning light

as the sun shines down on me.

I see the love light burning bright

from your pretty eyes of blue.

Yes I know I got a lot to learn 

when it comes to loving you.


There is a full moon in the summer sky 

just as big as all outdoors.

It sparkles like a diamond bright 

fresh from a diamond store.

I wish that it was mine to give

cause I would put it in your hand. 

Then I would run and I’d tell everyone

you are my girl and I’m your man.


There is a story of a crooked man 

who walked a crooked mile.

He had a crooked way of talking 

he wore a crooked little smile.

But now I hear that he is going straight

Straight back home to you.

If you’ll forgive him all his crooked ways

Do you think that is something you could do?


There is a boat named love and happiness 

out on the stormy sea.

We never know which way the wind will blow

when it comes to you and me.

We will face the storms together

together hand in hand.

As we will sail into forever

a woman and a man.

My Big Ol’ Broken Heart

Kevin McKrell © 2020 BMI


I should have seen it coming.

Should have read the writing on the wall.

I should have known that I would be alone

when the teardrops start to fall.

All my skies are cloudy 

All my moons are blue

Leaving only my big ol' broken heart  

and my memories of you.


There was a time when I was young 

before I fell from grace.

Before a wealth of hard days 

wrote their story on my face.

Before  innocence was just a word, 

before love betrayed it’s myth.

When I would give my foolish heart 

to whoever I was with.


It’s been a long, cold, lonely winter. 

It has been a dark and a dreary time.

It’s been a month of Sundays 

since I felt the warm sunshine.

I see the ghost of all my wilder days 

bust out the door and head to town.

Coming home at dawn with a big grin on 

like a drunken circus clown.


So far in this song there is not much that I have written that is true.

It’s just my way of dealin’, of trying to get over you.

So if I could ask you just this once, to hear between the lines.

You would hear that I wish I was your’s and darlin’ you were mine.

You’d hear that I wish that we were driving someplace, oh so far away. 

We would sing a song to greet the dawn and speed us on our way.

Just you and me and the highway, nothing and no one in between. 

At night we would talk of the things we have done,

 and the wonders we have seen.

A Simple Thing

Kevin McKrell © 2020 BMI


There goes Mac and Suzy,

Taking their last walk down by the sea.

Closing the house for the season,

the summer one more memory.

50 years they've been out walking together,

since that fine faithful day of I do.

As  a life of one thing and another flew by, 

the way that  life  often will do.


They both knew as they walked by the seaside, 

A secret neither would say.

They both knew that  Mac was  losing a step, 

that he was slowly drifting away.

Putting the car  keys away in the spoon drawer,

leaving the stove on after making her tea.

Suzy knew someday Mac would wake with a stranger, 

something that  she never wanted to be.


Some nights after a bit to much vino, 

Suzy  would remember her dreams. 

To Mac she would say,

The Avenue des Champs-Élysées .

Is where I have always wanted to be.

To wander  8th Arrondissement,

Oh Mac to waltz  by the Seine.

We would would dance

like there would be no tomorrow  my lad.

Then tomorrow we  would do it again.

Love can be a simple thing

It can make you sing. 

It can make you dance.

Sometimes love can make you blue,

cause it was made for two.

I will always remember you.


On a day Suzy will always remember with tears,

Mac  drifted away.

The gleam in his eye, that last long goodbye,

blow out his candle, He floated away .

Later that year of tear after tear,

Suzy  finally put Mac away.

With his gold wedding band,

In a recognizable hand, 

She found a note that said ,

To my Suzy my dear.

With that note was a ticket to Paris, 

a ticket one way no return.

It read please waltz with me, 

on the Champs-Élysées.

I will always love you, my Suzy,  my dear.


Dublin Town

K.McKrell © 2020 BMI


Dublin Town, Dublin Town

The lights come up as the sun goes down.

Shadows dancing round and round. 

With the lights of Dublin Town.

Dublin Town, Dublin Town.

My head is spinning round and round.

Staggering up and staggering down

With the lights of Dublin Town.


All the lights of Dublin Town.

sparkle like the stars.

Reflecting off the Liffey

As I wonder where you are.

My only friends are whiskey

And this beat up old guitar.

And the lights of Dublin Town

that sparkle like the stars.


All the lights of Dublin Town,

shimmer gold and blue.

I wander up by Christ Church

my only thoughts are of you.

On Grafton street a busker

draws me from my solitude.

As the lights of Dublin Town 

they shimmer gold and blue.


All the lights of Dublin Town

they tell me to go home.

Not to seek my fortune, 

across the broad Atlantic foam.

But to find some peace in the arms 

of the only love I’ve ever known.

As the lights of Dublin Town 

tell me to go home.

You and Me

K.McKrell © 2020 BMI

He's laying in the dark like an old dog chewin' on old memories.

Gnawing old bones, losing sleep on old used to be’s.

She says ya can’t change the past boy,  

the future's a beautiful mystery.

So come take a walk with me down by the river.


You and Me

Bluebirds singing on a window sill.

Got us some time to kill. 

We don't leave now we never will.

You and me 

Two fish on the same old hook.

Two lovers from a picture book.

One look was all it took.


She's searching for rainbows on a cloudy day.

With a smile gonna light the world gonna chase the clouds away.

Most times this goddamn world’s got nothing nice to say,

but she  loves it anyway, 'cause her momma made her that way.




You and me gonna wander down this road a ways.

Find ourselves a spot , our own lovers hidaway.

Come on boy get a move on ,we ain’t got all day.

Gonna  take the time to say, everything is gonna be OK.


Angel in the Moonlight

K.McKrell © 2019


I heard an angel sing a song into the moonlight

In a voice I have never heard before nor since.

It filled my night with magic and with wonder.

I would give my life if I could only hear that song again.



I have always been a hard case and a rover.

Living rough and destined for a fall.

If I could’ve changed my ways I’d be there with you today. 

Instead I am searching for an angel to catch me when I fall.



Mama told me that God would always love me.

That forgiveness was a virtue, that lying was a sin.

The truth is I have sinned, yes I’m on my knees again.

Not even Jesus can save me from the mess that I am in.




So if you are out there won’t you raise your hand to Jesus.

If you could please, give my ma a call.

Just tell her I’m with friends, what’s one more lie before the end .

And tell her I have seen the angel, I have  heard that song again.

Convince Myself

K.McKrell ©2020 BMI


I am over you,

I don’t cry myself to sleep the way that I used to.

I took your picture down from the wall I tore that thing in two.

Just to prove to myself  that I am over you.


I can throw my life away,

reliving bitter memories of yesterday.

Or I can start my life anew,

if I could just convince myself that I am over you.


I am over you 

I know that I can teach the world a thing or two, 

about how to play the clown for everyone to see.

How love has come, 

love has gone, 

and made a fool of me.

Go To Sleep

K.McKrell © 2020 BMI


Sleep like a river, dreams they flow. 

The struggles of the day

all your burdens drift away.

Slowly sail into the night, 

peace will come with the morning light.


Go to sleep 

It welcomes you with open arms 

Quietly lie.

Surrender softly close your eyes. 

Darkness holds no fear for a boy like you,

For you know that the day will dawn 

when the night is through.


Go to sleep 

Cast your dreams into the night 

Like dry leaves blown. 

Their destination is unknown.

With no direction planned.

Like sand through your hands 

It’s there and gone.


K.McKrell © 2020 BMI


I feel the winter coming on, 

The sky more gray than blue.

That November sun it leaves me cold,  

The icy wind it blows through. 

I feel that wind freeze my bones, 

I’m miles and miles away from home. 

Here comes another winter night alone 

that makes me long for you.


Tonight I feel that home 

Is just a story told. 

A once upon a memory, 

a place that lives in used to be. 

Happiness is hard to see,

when you are lost and far from home. 


It came upon a midnight clear, 

the winter stars they dance. 

Reach out and touch those shiny lights, 

those diamonds in your hands. 

You told me once that I could sail 

from star to shining star. 

No matter how far, away I roam 

I would call and there you are.


Now that I am years away from 

The days when I would roam. 

Memories they fill my head 

of the people I have known. 

Those memories are with me now 

as much as old age will allow.

I do not know now where I am bound,

I hope I'm going home